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Season 5

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Robert Kaplan, Professor Emeritus Harvard University

Feb. 28, 2022

In this exclusive interview Dr. Karen Hardy and Dr. Kaplan engage in a candid and rich discussion about the opportunities and challenges for the risk management industry, the practice of risk management during the pandemic, …

Risk Management, Security, Women In Security, Security Management, Leadership, Change Management

🔥Fireside Chat: Author Barrie Burren, Strategic Communication and Global Security Professional

Feb. 21, 2022

PART 4 of our Career Development Series. Barrie Burren discusses the topic of "Executive Protection" risk as part of her contribution to the book Flip This Risk for Enterprise Security.

🔥 Fireside Chat: Author Daniella Bove LaMonica discusses organizations that sustain adversity

Jan. 24, 2022

PART 3 of our Career Development Series: Daniella Bove LaMonica discusses her contribution as one of the authors of the best selling book "Flip This Risk for Enterprise Security." She is also a tenured fellow with the Truman…

🔥 Fireside Chat: Author Sonia Travi Knowles discusses Global Monitoring and Response activities for resilient organizations

Jan. 17, 2022

Sonia Travi Knowles, intelligence expert, is a contributing author to the book Flip This Risk for Enterprise Security. She shares her insights about the importance of global monitoring and response actions for today's organi…

Author Candace McCabe, CIP, CIPM discusses GRC practices

Jan. 10, 2022

Candace McCabe, Contributing author of the book Flip This Risk for Enterprise Security, shares her insights about how GRC (government, risk and compliance) professionals can partner with their organization's leadership and w…