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Flip This Risk for Conversations

In the workplace, some conversations are harder to kick off than others. Like risk management! The key to jumpstarting a topic that can be intimidating is to ask questions. Seventeen (17) questions to be exact. Simplicity in a field that is often considered highly technical and complex is the singular most important approach you can use to convey your intent and purpose. field need to understand underlying concepts so that they can do the work.
All too often, we assume that the more technical we sound the more effective we are. Being able to break down concepts into chewable pieces is what works. Because after all, the leaders within our organizations are people too who prefer explanations that are relatable.
This book is for those who are challenged by the task of risk management implementation, need to understand what it is, or need to find a simpler way to convey the importance of it without a lot of corporate jargon.


Original Limited Edition FTR Branded Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is always a top priority when you are managing risks and doing the day to day tasks! I use to pass out bottles of water to my team every Wednesday as a way to encourage good health.

Now that you are a part of the Flip This Risk Nation family, you should definitely have one of these on your desk!


Flip This Risk® for Enterprise Security

Flip This Risk® for Enterprise Security provides a holistic snapshot of select security management issues. It is a compilation of stories from experts in the field providing unique and creative perspectives on several security management areas including risk and resilience, business continuity, executive protection, GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance), global monitoring, and travel and event security.

In this book, our diversity of experts (who happen to be all women!) provides powerful narratives from personal and professional viewpoints, creating an opportunity for readers to easily grasp the concepts that frame security management in organizations. If you are seeking a better understanding of security management, desire additional knowledge about effective tools in the industry, or searching for leading practices that work in real-time-this book is for you! Use it as a guide. Use it as a reference. Use it for inspiration!